Step 1

Get your property valued

You’ll need to understand how much your house is worth before you do anything. Without this it’s hard to work out what your options are…

  1. Most local estate agents will offer a free no obligation property valuation
  2. Book a local estate agent to come out and give you an up to date valuation on your house, along with their selling fees

Step 2

Investigate your buying and selling options

Once you’ve found out how much your house is worth – call us to find out:

  1. What will it cost to move house or buy a house?
  2. How much you can borrow on your mortgage?
  3. How much you can buy a house for?
  4. How much will your monthly mortgage repayments be?

Step 3

Instruct an estate agent to sell your house

You had your house valued, now it’s time to put your property on the market. The Estate Agents will:

  1. Take photos of your property
  2. Run through your contract for selling your house
  3. Get your property advertised online

Step 4

Find your dream home

This is the fun part. Get yourself out there and view as many properties as you can…

  1. Arrange house viewings with Estate Agents
  2. Negotiate on the property (don’t forget to start low as you can always go up but you can’t come down)
  3. Agree a price for the property with the seller
  4. Get an agreement in principle from your Mortgage Mentor at We Are Mortgages

Step 5

Apply for your mortgage

  1. Apply for your mortgage and mortgage protection
  2. Instruct your solicitors on your property transaction/s. For more information, check out our legal department.
  3. Your Mortgage Mentor will send off all your documents to the mortgage lender for them to review

Step 6

Mortgage offer

  1. Once your survey has come back and the mortgage documents are accepted by the lender, a full mortgage offer will be produced
  2. We will review your mortgage and protection arrangements with you to make sure you’re happy with everything

Step 7

Exchange of contracts on the property

This is a vital part of the house buying and selling process and it’s all legally binding. We will help you get to this point in the proceedings as quickly as possible.

  1. Before you exchange contracts on a house, you’ll need to sign a mortgage deed, a contract and a transfer of equity form (this just confirms that the property will be put in your name)
  2. This is when your deposit is lodged with the solicitors (usually a minimum of 10%) and it becomes legally binding… Time to relax!

Step 8


This is the most exciting part of the process as you get to move in and take that first walk around your lovely new home!

  1. Completion on a property transaction normally takes place a week or so after the contracts are exchanged, however it might be longer.
  2. After completion you get the keys and you can put the kettle on and have a cuppa in your new home!

What should you do now?

You should get all the information you can before you start on your house buying and selling journey. Step 1 and 2 are the foundations for understanding what you can do and it’s important you get expert advice early on.  After all, buying a house is a huge commitment. This is the part where we come in. We want to give you advice from the very beginning because we understand how important it is to get everything  right and what a minefield getting a mortgage and buying a house can be. Please call us now for FREE to speak to an expert mortgage advisor...

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