To all our wonderful customers (both past, present and future 😉),

Here at We Are Mortgages, we are always conscious of our wonderful customers, and how they’re getting on. Now of course at the moment there is a lot going on in the world, so we just wanted to reassure you that we are here if you have been affected by COVID-19. Below we have made a list of questions which entail some of the focus points and some answers along with them.

1) Are we still working? Are we still contactable?

The answer to both of these questions is yes, we are following government advice and working from home, and we are all contactable on our mobiles, which are as follows;

Frankie (Broker)         –           07508796992

Sian (Broker)              –           07496746805

Jack (Broker)              –           07969252926

Zoe (admin)                –           07983224440

2) Will my mortgage still go through? If I have a mortgage offer, can the bank withdraw it? 

  • The answer to this is yes, your mortgage will still be going through. Things may just be a little slower at the moment. Things are slower because the lenders have had to change their staffing numbers, due to the virus.
  • If your mortgage application hasn’t had a survey/valuation done yet, and it requires a physical survey to be done, then this WILL be put on hold until further government advice is released allowing surveyors to be back on the road.
  • IF an automatic survey/valuation can be done (a survey done via the computer, without actually visiting the property) then it will, but this type of survey is normally only carried out at a Loan To Value of 75% or less (this varies slightly with each lender in accordance with their individual policies).
  • Please also note that MOST lenders no longer have contact centers open for us  to contact, so we can ONLY get updates on your cases when a lender updates US.

If you have a mortgage offer in place, then you SHOULD NOT be affected in any way (this is a very fluid situation and is subject to potential change). So we haven’t yet seen lenders withdraw mortgage offers, UNLESS something material has changed, such as your jobs or income etc.

3) Can I take a mortgage payment holiday?

Okay – the answer to this question may be different for each lender, so our advice on this is that a payment holiday may be of use to you if you can’t afford your current payments due to COVID-19. Most lenders will allow up to 3 months WITHOUT affecting your credit file, BUT PLEASE check this with your lender directly before asking them to execute this. Now, please also bear in mind that MOST mortgages charge interest on a daily rate, which means that you WILL still have to pay the missed payments when you resume payments on your mortgage, but the payments you make after the 3 month holiday will more than likely be higher, to recuperate the amount you missed due to holidays, plus the interest on top.

4) Will my protection cover me for COVID-19? How do I claim?

The simple way to answer this is – Call us!

We will talk you through your specific policy, and help wherever we are needed! 🙂

Now these are just some questions that we feel you may have, and that we have already faced. So we just wanted you to remember, we are here for you!

We are also trying to do what we can to help, so for the foreseeable future, anyone that is working for the NHS will be able to apply for a mortgage with us for FREE, so if you know anyone, send them our way! (You still get the £50 shopping voucher, remember!)

Terms and Conditions apply:

Typically, we charge a £399 membership fee and £99 administration fee which is paid on application of your first mortgage. Once you become a member you will only ever pay a £99 administration fee with any other mortgage application you submit with us.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments.

To summarise, we truly do hope you and all of your loved ones are all safe, happy and healthy.

Sending love here from We Are Mortgages, from our home to yours.

We hope to see you all very soon.